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About Us

Mob Up was established in 2023 through a collaborative partnership with Shari Eggmolesse, a proud Bigambul and Gurang woman and Harness Energy Group.


Shari’s success in her role as the Senior Indigenous Mentor for Harness’s Indigenous Careers Program, has lead to Harness making a significant investment in her passion for creating meaningful employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. From this shared passion and commitment to supporting the advancement of Indigenous communities through employment and training opportunities, Mob Up was birthed.


Mob Up’s core business focuses on providing the necessary tools and support to ensure the economic and social advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Individuals and communities. We plan to achieve this by supporting Indigenous job seekers in their career advancement.

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 Our values are at the heart of Mob Up's operations. These values form the ethical foundation upon which Mob Up's mission is built, enabling us to make a positive and lasting impact on Indigenous lives and their communities.



As an Indigenous owned and operated business, cultural safety is a core value that underpins our operations. We recognise the importance of creating an environment that respects and embraces the cultural diversity, traditions, and values of Indigenous individuals. Cultural safety goes beyond cultural awareness; it is about actively working towards eliminating systemic barriers, discrimination, and inequalities that Indigenous job seekers may face in the workplace.


Mob Up commits to creating safety positive working culture. Safety is deeply ingrained in everything we do, and we prioritise the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and the communities we operate in. We know that a strong safety culture is essential in fostering positive attitudes, implementing effective safety practices which are demonstrated through leadership, and ensuring accountability at all levels of the organisation.


Within in this core value lies a deep commitment to social responsibility. We firmly believe that our actions and decisions should have a positive impact on society, the environment, and the communities we operate in. We will strive to integrate social responsibility into all aspects of our operations including business practices and governance, environmental stewardship, community engagement, and ethical business conduct.



Our commitment to the community is rooted in creating a positive and meaningful impact. We strive to build strong relationships and actively engage with the community to understand their needs, aspirations, and challenges. By providing culturally safe employment opportunities, skills development programs, and training, we empower individuals within the community to unlock their full potential.

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Shari Eggmolesse
Bigambul & Gurang woman

Shari is a proud Aboriginal woman from the Bigambul Gurang Peoples of Queensland. With a deep passion for building long-term employment outcomes and pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Shari brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work.

Throughout her career, Shari has fostered strong community and business partnerships in the Western Downs Regions demonstrating her ability to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders. Her role as a Senior Indigenous Mentor over the past 3.5 years has allowed her to make a significant impact on the lives of Indigenous trainees and apprentices. Shari has mentored over 45 individuals in various fields, including Electrical, Mechanical, Work Health & Safety, Business Administration, Warehousing, water operations and Engineering. Her guidance and support have empowered these individuals to succeed and thrive in their respective career paths.

Shari's dedication to advancing Indigenous employment outcomes, her extensive mentoring experience, and her wide-ranging industry knowledge make her an asset in creating meaningful change. She brings cultural understanding, empathy, and a strong commitment to fostering inclusive workplaces. With her impressive track record and passion for creating opportunities, Shari is an inspiring advocate for Indigenous empowerment and a catalyst for positive change in the communities she serves.

Shari's Journey to Mob Up

2020 – Work Health and Safety Trainee

  • Completed traineeship within the CSG sector

  • Completed rotations with multiple host companies learning safety  and compliance in the following fields: Mechanical, Crane lifting operations, Water treatment plant, Electrical & Civil Construction

  • Offered Junior Indigenous Mentor position

2021 –Junior Indigenous Mentor

  • Achieved 100% completion rate for ICP program

  • Completed Cert IV in WHS

  •  Queensland Training Awards Bob Marshman Regional Finalist

  • Promoted to Senior Indigenous Mentor

2022 - Senior Indigenous Mentor


  • Mentored 30 Indigenous Apprentice & Trainees from 19 Traditional Owner groups

  • Supported 20 Hosting businesses

  • Achieved 93% Completion rate for Pathway A WHS trainees

  • 93% Retention rate for overall program


Mob Up 


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